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Guidance on the latest developments
in privacy and data regulation law.


Flag of California, depicting a large brown bear beside a red star, above the words "California Republic."

CCPA + CPRA Timeline of Key Events

[Updated: August 30, 2023] As the first comprehensive state privacy law to provide broad consumer rights over personal information, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) is a groundbreaking privacy law in the United States, and it paved the way

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A minimalistic picture of a human brain being digitized into technological lines that also look like a human brain.

Guidance on Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection

[Updated: August 3, 2023] For many of us, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) represents innovation, opportunities, and potential value to society. For data protection professionals, however, AI also represents a range of risks involved in the use of technologies that shift processing of

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