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Guidance on the latest developments
in privacy and data regulation law.


A minimalistic picture of a human brain being digitized into technological lines that also look like a human brain.

Guidance on Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection

[Updated: March 7, 2024] For many of us, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) represents innovation, opportunities, and potential value to society. For data protection professionals, however, AI also represents a range of risks involved in the use of technologies that shift processing of

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A cartoonish picture of a person working at a computer while talking on a headset to another person.

Two-Party Consent Requirements for Recording Calls

For a call recording to be lawful, federal law [1] and most states require at least one party to the conversation to consent to the recording. However, many states go further, requiring two-party (or all-party) consent for a call to be lawfully

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